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2021 Committees

Membership Committee
Chairs: Helane Stein/Sanjay Khatnani
Committee Members: Gopal Srinivasan, Sanjay Khatnani, Helane Stein, Cari Kraft, Angelo Valletta, Bill Peterson, Grace Schuler, Bill Meyerowitz,  Mark Alberto, Joe Yesulaitis, Matt Grulke

Membership Retention Committee
Chair: Pam Paul

The primary focus and responsibilities of the Membership Committee and the Membership Retention Committee is to assist in increasing the SIM Philadelphia

brand and its membership by ensuring that its members find value and are engaged in the chapter.

Program Committee
Chris Shull
Chair Emeritus: Grace Schuler
Committee Members: Larry Bilker, Yvonne Cook, George Rears, Greg Barret

The SIM Program Committee is responsible for planning topics and securing speakers for all programs, and for coordinating the meetings. It also plans and coordinates the SIM Philadelphia lunches.

Suggestions for meeting topics and speakers are always welcome and can be sent to SIM's administrator, Maureen Waddington at admin@simphila.org.

Finance Committee
Syd Weinstein

Partnership Committee
: Beverly Prohaska
Committee Members: Beverly Prohaska, Sanjay Khatnani, Kristen Lamoreaux, Larry Bilker

The Partnership Committee identifies and works with professional organizations, networking groups and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia region to increase the participation and influence of SIM Philadelphia in the technology community.  The Partnership Committee is responsible for ensuring the success of two events each year: the Philadelphia Technology Leadership Summit and the HMG Strategy Forum.  Together with the Membership and Retention Committees, Partnership identifies and develops alliances with other networking groups to increase and extend its reach in the Region.

Communications Committee
Scott Bender
Committee Members: Mark Alberto, Steve Olshevski, Todd Bosco, Vince Zaffiro, Peggy McCoey

This committee is responsible for keeping all members informed on chapter activities. The primary role is to compile and distribute the newsletter to all chapter members. The newsletter is sent out five times a year and includes organization news, upcoming events, and summaries of past presentations from SIM Meetings.  This committee also creates and sends a member survey after each meeting.

Marketing Committee
Anthony Mostak

The SIM Philadelphia marketing committee is responsible for publicizing SIM within the Philadelphia area IT community. The committee’s objective is to help ensure that the Philadelphia SIM chapter is easy to contact and that our brand becomes more well -known in the Philly area. The primary focus is to maintain and modify as appropriate the Marketing Plan, ensure the chapter’s web site is up to date, design processes for keeping content fresh, and identifying and implementing opportunities for marketing the SIM brand in the Philadelphia area. We have periodic evening conference calls to address these topics; normally on a monthly basis.

Committee Chairs: 
Jim Worth, James Burns, Bob Ehlinger, Brian Simmermon

Facilitate the exchange of information and business opportunities among senior Information Technology executives. This will provide alignment between the Business and Information Technology practices. Our goal is to focus on problem solving, discussion of issues pertaining to IT careers, reviewing business objectives and how to develop stronger relationships with the business community, and true networking in a safe haven environment where consulting organizations are not present.

SIM Philadelphia
P.O. Box 187
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

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